Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Autumn Babies

Hello everyone! Today was the first evening of autumn cold enough to make soup - so i did! I love autumn, it's a wonderful season beaten only by winter, and spring I must admit... but it is still glorious!  Anyway, I made a potato and vegtable (carrot, srping onion, garlic, onion, rosemary, salt, pepper and pre-done vegtable stock) soup, and grandma stayed to tea.

It was verry good. Don't the colours remind you of autumn leaves? They do for me, but I didn't realise it until after I'd made it, quite fitting for the first 'cold  enough' night of autumn. I should verry much like to have a child in autumn, the idea of an 'autumn baby' seems verry romantic.

Then, the child in the second picture isn't an infant. He looks more like... 18 months...? Or maybe a bit older. So then my child could be born in the spring the year before and be this age in the second autumn of their life. Anyway, the notion of 'spring babies' also seems romantic.

Oh, and just look at the clothes I can make for her!

I really just can't wait to have kids at all! Be them born in autumn or in spring, or in any other season for that matter! Well, I'v got to go and do some school work; the neseccary evil, Daniel tells me. I really don't want to but I really should. I won't delay the inevitable it any longer.

Steph xx

ps, I almost forgot! I'v oiled my clogs!

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