Sunday, 29 May 2011


Hello people in:

United States
United Kingdom
South Africa

New Zealand
and Poland.

(and anywhere else you may be from - congratulations! you are the first person in your country to visit!)

It is rather exciting to think that people in all of the above countries read my blog... we're international ^_^

Not much has been happening lately becuase I've just been so busy with school work. The only thing worth mentioning is Christine's party. Chris is a lady who goes to my church and I was helping out at her 60th for the better part of yesterday. Who says working in the kitchen isn't fun! Seriously, I had a ball! Cecily, Beth, Alyssa and I were the main lady's on the job so we had a great time together and I swear we could have gotten abs with all the laughing we did! That really is about all I've got to tell. Oh, I have changed my song for the soiree - I'm going to be singing Rolling In The Deep by Adele instead. It's really a great song!


I'm thinking of getting a cat, but I'm not sure which colour I want or what to name her (she will be a her). I'm thinking maybe a white kitten called Gracie? Or maybe a brown one called Smock? I'm not sure.

Steph xx

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