Monday, 23 May 2011


There is no form of avoidance I love more than procrastination. Which is probably why I do it so much. Which is probably why I do everything I find unenjoyable at the last minute. Which is probably why I have three assignment drafts due this week and have only started one. Thank the lord that I'm ill and will be home tomorrow... working. I'm sure I'm not the only almost 16 year old who has this problem. I just hope that I can procrastinate procrastination and hold it off while my work is summative in year 12 and fourth term year 11 (end of this year). I am very lazy with school work - it's dreadful. My teachers tell me that I'm intelligent and lazy, well eccept in drama - but drama is very pleasant... music too-ish. I don't see how I can be getting As in Maths and RE though! I mean I'm only getting high Cs in English and SOS! It's crazy.

If I were a bear... I would not be this one (even if he does have my glasses - sort of). I would probably be more like this one...

Or maybe this one?

except my laptop isn't pink...

In any case I spend far too much time procrastinating, and my bath tub and laptop do not help. (I've taken to taking long baths of late - If you don't I would recommend taking at least one a week. So relaxing). Talking so much to Daniel doesn't help either. I find one of the reasons for my spending so much time on facebook is just waiting for, or talking to, him. Gasp! Did I mention that he started a blog because I said that he should ^_^ how lovely!

I have no idea what to blog about people.

Stephanie xx

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