Monday, 3 October 2011


I added a video to youtube today :\ I'm not sure how I feel about it... I don't think I like it... maybe I do... but noo I don't think so. Anyway the sound and the picture are really annoyingly out of sync! maybe I'll delete it...? I don't know.Well, I'll let you decide:

I don't know how to change the thumb nail and it's (shudder) not the nicest... I do this really weird thing when I sing where I shake my head - a lot! I also make weird faces :P Anyhoo I just came back form the beach yesterday - I love the beach. I love the sun and the warmth. What I do not love are the stupid UV rays and the boiling hotness of summer. There is only so much heat a girl can take!!

I also love the shopping at calounrda! I have a selection of thrift and antique stores and op shops I visit every time I go. This time I bought:

A beautiful antique water pitcher that reads "teacher" on the side.
A beautiful basket (my dad regarded, "ANOTHER one!?!?" when he saw it)
A set of 9 lovely water glasses
A glass candel holder with 'foggy glass' patterns on the out side
And two old books.

I think I was fairly good this time - I didn't buy anything drastic and I didn't buy all that much either. I have been known to go a bit wild. (as you may remember, last time I bought a chair that my poor, friend's grandparents had to lug home becuase they were the only ones with room in their car)

Well thats all from me,

Stephanie xx

p.s. havent heard about that job yet - so not expecting to get it. resuming resume-ing on the weekend.

ALSO school goes back tomorrow. ew. At least its the last term of year 11! in 12 months and 5 weeks I'm DONE with school!!! (uni next, yes. But still - uni isn't really 'school')