Monday, 16 May 2011

A Completely Emotionless Blog!

I'm joking, but it will be short.

Stephanie advises that some of the content in this blog may not be suitable for her family members so, please, if you fall into the aforesaid category, STOP NOW.

 This is my guard lion. He is on the watch for family member passing this point. He is not happy. So if you don't want to be eaten, and you didn't listen before when I told you to stop, STOP. thank you. ^-^

Note: when 'love' is referred to in this blog it will be of the romantic kind.

Goodbye infatuation. It's a terrible feeling when you stop being infatuated with someone. You become blatantly aware of their flaws and you find yourself at an, to say the least, important cross road. Do you chose to love them?

I always was one to move quickly, to quickly for many people, so now, having been as quick as I've ever been, I'm finding myself at this cross road, perhaps long before the 'other person' may find themselves even, if ever, in the infatuation stage. So how the heck should I know what to chose! I feel like I'm delaying the decision making process, but the more I delay it the less I can stand the 'other person'. Is that weird?

Steph xx


I know that I am going to have to choose no, because I'm too young really, but it seems like such a waist.

To my family members:
So you read the whole thing. Does it make you feel better to know that the next time I see you I will be completely embaressed? Is that why you stealthly dodged my guard lion? I hope you're happy ( and that my guilt trip is working and you won't read my blog when the guard lion is out form now on  : D ).


  1. Ok missy, We need to talk!... I has something to tell you ok!
    Love you, talk soon!
    Love me :)

  2. oooow you 'has' somthing to tell me ;) haha alright talk soon xx