Monday, 2 May 2011

A Bit More Bla. (note: unrelated to the last bit of bla).

My, perhaps stupid or uninteresting, thoughts on the misconception of infatuation.

Infatuation; wildly misunderstood as, one, love and, two, a highly desirable function of the heart. Infatuation is, in fact, of the head and not love nor a conclusive sign of it. However, they can coexist. 

I do concede that love and close proximity often breed, for a time, infatuation, and romance for that matter, but one is not a by-product of the other. 

I would much rather love and be loved than have requited infatuation. 

Infatuation is blind to flaws, but is fleeting. Love sees the faults, but accepts and forgives and continues to love. It is easy to live with the infatuated, but it’s hard to live with those you love. You put up with all of the annoyances and you get through the hard stuff, because you love them - If you didn't, would you stick around or hang out with someone who made you feel awful? - you take the good with the bad. 

Love is a choice and no one 'falls out' of it by accident. 

Stephanie xx 

p.s. do tell me if I'm boring you with all of this bla'ry bla'ness. I seem to have a spot of bloggers block. 

hey look, its another picture! ayyy!

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