Monday, 3 October 2011


I added a video to youtube today :\ I'm not sure how I feel about it... I don't think I like it... maybe I do... but noo I don't think so. Anyway the sound and the picture are really annoyingly out of sync! maybe I'll delete it...? I don't know.Well, I'll let you decide:

I don't know how to change the thumb nail and it's (shudder) not the nicest... I do this really weird thing when I sing where I shake my head - a lot! I also make weird faces :P Anyhoo I just came back form the beach yesterday - I love the beach. I love the sun and the warmth. What I do not love are the stupid UV rays and the boiling hotness of summer. There is only so much heat a girl can take!!

I also love the shopping at calounrda! I have a selection of thrift and antique stores and op shops I visit every time I go. This time I bought:

A beautiful antique water pitcher that reads "teacher" on the side.
A beautiful basket (my dad regarded, "ANOTHER one!?!?" when he saw it)
A set of 9 lovely water glasses
A glass candel holder with 'foggy glass' patterns on the out side
And two old books.

I think I was fairly good this time - I didn't buy anything drastic and I didn't buy all that much either. I have been known to go a bit wild. (as you may remember, last time I bought a chair that my poor, friend's grandparents had to lug home becuase they were the only ones with room in their car)

Well thats all from me,

Stephanie xx

p.s. havent heard about that job yet - so not expecting to get it. resuming resume-ing on the weekend.

ALSO school goes back tomorrow. ew. At least its the last term of year 11! in 12 months and 5 weeks I'm DONE with school!!! (uni next, yes. But still - uni isn't really 'school')


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Work, Names and Parties

So, I'm on holidays!! How. Fantastic. I can relax and recover, but I also have time to try and find some part time work. I went out yesterday to hand around some resumes, but I didn't have much luck until I went to Banneton - a french bakery/ cafe near where I live. They specialise in wood fired breads, but they also do pasteries and coffee, and they were looking for stalf! They were interested in the barista course I did about a month ago (I don't think I told you about that) and they asked me to go back today to talk to the manager - I'm leaving soon.

So hopefully I will get a job there :) Anyway, It's my Birthday in a month and a half too, so I have been planning a picnic party thingo for it.

I'm inviting about 6 people, and we are going to have an ALL WHITE picnic afternoon tea at a nice park down the road. Then we are going to come back to my house to have dinner on the terrace.  I'll post pictures afterwards.

Anyway here are the names I like at the moment:



I have been playing the sims again lately... there are ALOT of Noëls and Mardies who look EXACTLY the same haha oh well, at least the houses are different. I dont find actually playing the sims fun, what I like is building and decorating the houses.

Steph xx

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

One Day At A Time

Hey everyone!

So, I realise I haven’t written a blog in about two months… apologies. My only excuse is that I have been going through a really tough time lately; what with being physically, mentally and emotionally a wreck most days and all. 

I guess just everything got a bit too much. Not a very uncommon thing, I know, and I have felt overwhelmed before, but this time it was (is) different than my usual ‘mini meltdowns’.  I flipped. I ran crying out of church, proceeded to run away from the friend that followed, and hid behind the building for the entire service, trying to knock myself out against the wall and struggling with thoughts of suicide… I worry myself sometimes. After a while people came looking for me and I had a good long chat with our youth pastor. I can’t even remember HOW I said everything I did, but I guess it all just needed to be said and so it came out   :\   

We talked for agers, at least two hours. It was really good actually, I just blurted out everything that was going wrong, or had gone wrong, or I was worried would go wrong and he just listened for the most part. I don’t really think he understood why I was feeling the way I was – he came to some odd conclusions – but I think I just needed to offload and he happened to be there.

Having good days and bad days, like anyone, at the moment.

When I was at my worst, this thought was a big comfort:

God sustains our every single heartbeat. He controls everything, and knows everything, and there is nothing that he cannot handle. His strength and his grace are sufficient for us, and in our weakness we see his strength. 

Praise God! Praise The Lord!

All I need is the strength for one day at a time, and The Lord takes care of that – and the rest. 

Steph xx

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tiny Houses

So I found this really cool site called Tumbel Weed Tiny Houses. Like the name suggests, it sells tiny - tralier able - houses ^_^ !! Granted most of them are quite ugly, and too small for a family house, but they would make nice holiday/travel homes!

The one I would probably get is called the Lusby. It's almost $50 000 but, hey, its pretty neat! And with the ulterations I have in mind you could probably live with a family of three comfortably. Say, if you were ever taking a driving holiday around europe.

I would probably close off the lofts with more wood, and just leave space for a small door, then fit beddings into both. I would move the kitchen into the down stairs bedroom and put some built in comfy seating along the wall where the kitchen is currently. Then all it needs is another chair at the table and voila! One double and one singel private beds, dining, cooking, sanitising and sitting around!

Well anyway it I were to buy it, then I would choose a darker wood. Or maybe I will retire into something like this - however, stone, slightly bigger and with a fireplace.

Steph xx

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Good Songs

The three songs I have been listening to the most recently. All very good.

Steph xx

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Well... I made a cake...?

I realise I haven't posted a blog in a while, I have been exceedingly preoccupied. I am attempting to sort out a lot of issues and it takes most of my focus. Well lots has happened since I last wrote but not much of any importance. My horrible phone bill does deserve a mention, however. Last Sunday I dropped my phone and it broke, so I have been using my dad’s old phone for the time being. Anyway, with my phone if I pressed the 'end call' button then the internet turned off, and also my internet - while at home - automatically connected to my home internet.... dad's old phone does neither... let’s just say it is surprising how much money it can cost to have a YouTube video running on repeat, on a phone, in the background, for three days...

Well yeah, nothing much else of any importance... I made a cake...

Steph xx

p.s. I almost forgot! I have been promising talk about Daniel. I broke it off with him probably about a month ago now, because... well, it sounds mean, but... because he wasn't on the same level, intellectually, as I. He couldn't intellectually stimulate me, and I need that to be happy. Not, necessarily, in every relationship - not so close friends, colleges, ect - but definitely in a partner. So I ended it, because I knew we were going nowhere and it would have been mean of me to lead him on. Sad but true. He is a really nice guy. But a nice, simple guy - and it wasn't going to work.

I am glad he doesn't read this.