Saturday, 30 April 2011

Babysitting? Weather? School? Anything?

For a few days I'v had no idea what to blog about. So my friend Daniel suggested the above things and I shall use all four. Let's see...

Babysitting. I do it on occasion, generally with children younger than 10. However, yesterday I minded one of my mum's bestfriend's kids and they were, all three, 10+. It wasn't necessarily the age that made me slightly apprehensive, and I was slightly apprehensive, but more the fact that I was, but not closely, aquainted with them. It would have been much nicer, and I would not have worried about any awkwardness, if I had have known then extencivly or not at all - but to know them by aquaintance, well, and as individuals, slightly, was off putting. It turns out, however, that hardly any awkwardness was afforded for as, one, I was egar to entertain and, two, they were, for the most part, egar to be entertained. For the moment that's about all there is to tell on that matter. Oh, but Declan is the sweetest 10(ish) yearold I have ever met!

Weather. The weather has been nice enough lately, but still too hot and sunny really! The sky, however, has been glorious. The nicest light blues and puffiest, defined white clouds! My favorite weather, for autumn, is rain. cloudy and windy in the afternoon and the rest of the time just mild rain. oh, sometimes it would be fun to have really really heavy rain at night though, and thunderstorms too!! In winter it should snow most of the time with a couple of just cloudy days and a few blisards thrown in. In spring it should be mainly fine and coludy with light rain sometimes, and in summer it should be mainly fine but heavy rain sometimes and cloud coverage every now and then. Appart from that the UV rays should never get above 3 and it should never get any hotter than 23 or colder than -7. That would be my perfect weather scheme.

School. I swear the longer I'm there the more demeaned I feel! I feel like I'm almost an adult but no teachers will treat me like one! I just can't wait until the whole experience is over - 12 years of school is just too much. I am seriously fed up with it, but it would be a waist of a huge part of the last 11 years of my life if I dropped out now, and besides I want an op. I am definatly going to home school my kids! I will start 'lessons' when they are eight and only for two hours, four days a week. Then I will build it up as they get older until they are ready for highschool. Even then I'll probably not send them to a main streem school. I think that most of primary school is just baby sitting. We could learn it all in a few years rather than, including prep/ preschool, eight.

Anything. Today is my bestfriend's 15th birthday! congratulations are in order! A pinch and a punch for the first of the month and ummmmm... isn't this a nice picture!

It's the one I got from Coffs Harbour but it doesn't have any identification on it so I have no idea who painted the origional, this one's just a print, or when.

Steph xx

p.s. The picture of the picture is actually a mirror image so its reverse in real life.

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