Tuesday, 12 April 2011


This was the plan. THE plan. THE, god willing, one and only plan.

finnish highschool, 17
finnish early childhood at uni, 21
teach for a year, 22
get married (to a man named Charles Robin Merriweather-Darling), 22
move to a colder climate, 22
buy an acreage, chickens, a dairy cow, a brown horse, two border collies and a white cat (named Gracie), 22
have a baby boy (named Christopher Daniel) and stop teaching, 23
have a girl (named Charlotte Anne), 25
have another girl (named Mary Grace), 27
home school all my kids until highschool
go back to teaching
move into a cottage with less grounds and sell all the animals less a few chickens, a cat and a dog.

seems a bit unrealistic, no? well I'm not really sure anymore about the specifics. I definatly still want three kids (but maybe two boys and a girl?) and I want them before I'm 30. I still want to live on a big property, have animals and homeschool. But I really want to do creative industries mjr in drama and music at uni then a post grad year of teaching. And I definatly want to do some travel!

Also I recently finnished another house design, the most detailed I've done yet I think. My maths teacher was fairly happy when I told her that I was using trigonometry to find out how much head space I'd have in my attic!
this is only one of the eight pages of detail (i also drew the property) and I actually edited this a bit more after I took the picture, like making the scale a bit better (the table smaller for one). Oh yes, and that thing in the left hand corner of the first floor is a christmas tree :)

Steph xx

the floors down staires are slate and upstaires wood.
And to miss Aalyn, click on my clock and it will take you to the link.

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  1. Beautiful house design, my lovely. And your profile is gorgeous!
    Much love
    Miss Aalyn xx