Monday, 11 April 2011


Australia isn't exactly the most romantic setting for a wanna be anne shirley, like me, to find herself in. Sadly, however, it is where I reside and the place in which I'm making the transition from girl into woman.

I'll be 16 in October but I feel like I should be 21 already!

The other day I was watching a documentary called '49 Up', in which they interviewd 14 children every 7 years from the time that they were seven. It got me thinking of how nice it would be when you're older, say 60 or so, to be albe to look back at your younger self and what you thought and felt. I guessed it would be a bit like a dairy but I never could keep up with writing in mine, so I thought that maybe I would have more insentive to keep going with a blog. Time will tell.

Well, I surpose I should tell you, whomever you are, a bit about myself.  My name is Stephanie Grace and I was born on the 20th of October, 1995 at about half 6 in the evening, in Australia. I should mention that for the first fifteen minuets of my life I was not myself, for I was not named accordingly, but rather I was Felicity Grace and that it was only because of the apprehention of my father, at the prospect of naming me as such, that I became to be myself; Stephanie.

When I was young we traveled a bit. We spent two years in England (which resulted in my diluted, commenly described as 'a bit posh', accent) and then two in NewZealand. We also went to the united arab emirates and socttland before we again, and finally, settled in suberbian Australia (urgh!).

My interests include singing, writing, reading, shopping (especially in thrift stores), drawing house designs, gardens, brids and clouds. If you haven't guessed already: yes I am a bit of a cliche, but I try not to be.

It was only in the last month and a half that I officially 'left the nursery', or so to speak, after sharing a room with my older sister for almost 14 and a half years, and I. am. extatic.

I profess love for my cork board and oh yes I enjoy food too ;)

I supose that's really about all for the moment.... I'm also in year 11 at the local ladies college; (rolls eyes) such a lovely place.

until next time,
Steph xx

p.s. did I mention I actually have orange hair (you can't really see it in the picture)?

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  1. Lovely, my dear. I must confess I did not know that you were called 'Felicity Grace' for the first fifteen minites of your life ... how interesting! How did you get that clock on your blog? Anyway, glad you made this, it gives me something interesting to read when I'm a tad bored haha :)
    Much love
    Miss Aalyn xx