Friday, 22 April 2011


I'm back!! camping was great, I mean all holidays have their ups and downs but overall it was good. I probably wouldn't want to do it more than once a year though. In the end we only ended up 'camping' (in a tent) for three nights becuase it was raining on and off continiously at Coffs Harbour and dad didn't want to unpack/ repack in the wet; the cabin we stayed in was fairly good though. Well we went sea kyaking on the first day at Coffs - fairly tiring and quite scary but it was another experience I can say I'v had - then just mulled around, saw a movie and shopped a bit until we left and went to Girraween.

It took us a lot longer to unpack then I thought it would, it must have been about three hours, becuase we just took so much stuff! One thing I must rave about, however, which really doesn't need my praise or reccomendation becuase everyone takes them, is our gass stove!!! It's wonderful! I have decided that I LOVE cooking on gass and I wan't one at home! Everything cooks so much more quickly and the temperature is really easy to change and controll.

Anyway, we saw Turtle Rock, a bit of an anticlimax really, and the sphynx, a rock formation which looks nothing what so ever like a sphynx. We also climbed the first pyramid, where I had a near death experience - except not quite so dramatic. There was a steaper than usual bit where the track went around the back with a sheer drop beneath. I swear if it wasn't for a man of about 50ish, a quite experienced climber, who happened to be close by, I would have fell.

The highlight of the trip was probably the shopping because we went to 10 or so op shops (I love op shops) and I bought:

some clogs (the wooden dutch ones - from the clog barn: the most exciting place in NSW)
a woven wicker christmas cane thingy (decoritave)
a woven wicker christmas wreath
4 w w baskets
a wooden book display shelf thingy
a porclean decorated jar thingy and a porclean decorated bell (also from the clog barn)
a butter/ shortbread mold/ press with grapes and leaves on it
a beautiful framed painting of an old fashioned town
an old decorated glass jar thingy
a glass tealight holder (or somthing old and glass that I think would make a good candle holder)
and some 10c wooden chop sticks

doesn't that sound like it would be the highlight of any trip?

Steph xx

p.s. I missed a lot of people a bit and a few people a lot


  1. Well your trip to Coff harbour. The narration very interesting. To be very carefull at the adventures like climbing pyramid. Hope continue and thank you for sharing so nicely. Best Wishes.

  2. Thanks :) here I was thinking I was posting to myself haha I'm glad you approve ~ best wishes to you too

    Steph xx