Thursday, 14 April 2011


Coming up to Easter this year, my dad has decided that he wants to take us camping. Us being my little brother, myself and, after a spot of successful convincing, my bestfriend. It'll be the second time I'v gone but the first was when I was eight so I don't know if it will be as fun as I remember, everyone tells me it will be though. We're going to Coffs Harbour for three nights and then to Girraween for three.

Coffs Harbour, I have recently found out, is the home of the Big Banana... that makes me excited... the plan is to bring some bananas back because they're like $3 a piece here at the moment.

I'v been to Girraween before in year 7. We climbed the first pyramid, but I only went to the summit becuase I got scared - I don't think I'll go to the peak this time either. But it's a nice national park really and the temperatures get below zero so I'm actually even more excited about that then I am about the bananas!
My dad has been to Girraween many, many times but the most memerable I should think was when he was a teenager and he and some friends went up and tried to push this rock over the side of the mountain. It's like hundreds of tons and they really thought they had a chance haha it didn't budge. Such teenage boys.

Well seeing as I'll be camping for about a week I won't be blogging, but if there is anything interesting to tell I'll recount it when I get back.

Steph xx

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