Thursday, 14 April 2011


Today I thought I'd touch briefly on the subject of books, my books to be precice, but then I reasiled that the subject 'books' is under no circumstance brief, and so decided to just make the whole blog about it.

Books;  I own a fair few. I would own more but I generally chuck out the ugly ones, or those of no great sentimental value. Besides, wonderful books are the only ones really worth having, and I have wonderful books.

The members of my prised collection sit, unpon times, in different places around my room, but generally I keep them in the wooden book tray on my side table (Wooden book trays are very handy inventions and I would recomend them to anyone). This collection includes:

The Wind in The Willows
Grattitude Therapy
The Observers Book of Wild Flowers
A Treasury of The World's Best Loved Poems
A Gallery of Children
Look Out of The Window
Anne of Green Gables
Little House in the Big Woods
Catch 22
Jane Austen - the complete novles -
The Portrait of a Lady
The Hobit
The Bible
(and a few others)

In there you've got a good seletion of quality writing! Theres A.A. Milne, L. I. Wilder, L. M. Montgomery, Henry James, Kenneth Graham, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,  paul,  and not to mention all of the poets in the treasury!

The Wind in The Willows is particularly lovely - being even more wonderful than A Gallery of Children and Look Out of the Window; the best childrens story book ever.

Badger is such a good character and his house is amazing!

But that's not even the best part of it! The best things about this particular copy are the fabric cover, the fact that it was published in 1961 in London and the, for lack of better words, delightful black and white illistrations. I found this book in a little second hand book store, what a history it must have had to have come from London, England in 1961 to My Bed Side Table, Australia 2011. I actually can't wait to read it to my kids.

All of the other books and amazing in their own fields, most aquired similarily. One book, Word Worth and Collridge Lyrical Ballads Littledale, was actually written in 1798. how. amazing.

Hitherto, however, unknown is which of these books is my all time, do all and end all, favorite. Not knowing being a dilemma, I'm sure, that has caused great anguish and suffering to many... (oh goodness)... The answer is (if you can't guess):

The Bible! *cheering* say no more.

Steph xx

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