Monday, 6 June 2011


Well, it's June, and that can only mean one thing: winter! I love winter! I love snow, dressing in beautiful coats, scalfs and boots, fire places, and cuddeling up in front of them with a throw, a glass of red wine and someone to sunggle. If only. Here it's more like cool nights and hot days, dressing in nice cardigans, heaters and duvets. Don't get me wrong, it is still a nice change from an Australian summer, a very nice change, but it is nothing compared to a European winter! The thing I envy most about people in the northern hemisphear, more than the sun, or lack there of, and more than the temperatures, is that up there they get to celebrate christmas during winter! Now, in the southern hemisphear, winter is my favorite season, for you can't tell the differance between the others really anyway, my favorite time of year is christmas, and my favorite month is December. Imagine if I could have all three together! I used to, when I was young and we lived in England, but I haven't for years.


Steph xx


  1. You should have Christmas in June :D

  2. I would if I had some snow ;) and yes, yes they are wonderful!