Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tiny Houses

So I found this really cool site called Tumbel Weed Tiny Houses. Like the name suggests, it sells tiny - tralier able - houses ^_^ !! Granted most of them are quite ugly, and too small for a family house, but they would make nice holiday/travel homes!

The one I would probably get is called the Lusby. It's almost $50 000 but, hey, its pretty neat! And with the ulterations I have in mind you could probably live with a family of three comfortably. Say, if you were ever taking a driving holiday around europe.

I would probably close off the lofts with more wood, and just leave space for a small door, then fit beddings into both. I would move the kitchen into the down stairs bedroom and put some built in comfy seating along the wall where the kitchen is currently. Then all it needs is another chair at the table and voila! One double and one singel private beds, dining, cooking, sanitising and sitting around!

Well anyway it I were to buy it, then I would choose a darker wood. Or maybe I will retire into something like this - however, stone, slightly bigger and with a fireplace.

Steph xx

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