Sunday, 24 July 2011

Well... I made a cake...?

I realise I haven't posted a blog in a while, I have been exceedingly preoccupied. I am attempting to sort out a lot of issues and it takes most of my focus. Well lots has happened since I last wrote but not much of any importance. My horrible phone bill does deserve a mention, however. Last Sunday I dropped my phone and it broke, so I have been using my dad’s old phone for the time being. Anyway, with my phone if I pressed the 'end call' button then the internet turned off, and also my internet - while at home - automatically connected to my home internet.... dad's old phone does neither... let’s just say it is surprising how much money it can cost to have a YouTube video running on repeat, on a phone, in the background, for three days...

Well yeah, nothing much else of any importance... I made a cake...

Steph xx

p.s. I almost forgot! I have been promising talk about Daniel. I broke it off with him probably about a month ago now, because... well, it sounds mean, but... because he wasn't on the same level, intellectually, as I. He couldn't intellectually stimulate me, and I need that to be happy. Not, necessarily, in every relationship - not so close friends, colleges, ect - but definitely in a partner. So I ended it, because I knew we were going nowhere and it would have been mean of me to lead him on. Sad but true. He is a really nice guy. But a nice, simple guy - and it wasn't going to work.

I am glad he doesn't read this.

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  1. Heey gorgeous. Been meaning to talk to you...We need to catch up. I have lots to say. Talk to you soon.
    Love you!