Saturday, 2 July 2011


Last night both of my brothers were out so my parents decided to go out for dinner and buy my sister and I fish and chips to have at home.

Then my dad thought it might be nice to go with the four of us, and he invited my grandparents and my uncle too. My mother, however, was far from thrilled. She had wanted it to just be the two of them.

I was also far from thrilled becuase I was feeling ill and looking forward to fish and chips, a movie, a bath and my bed. My sister, however, really wanted to go out. We decided that if my grandparents could come then my sister and I would also go, and if they couldn't then we wouldn't.

They couldn't. So they plan was that we wouldn't, but my sister was really disapointed. She told mum that she was fine with fish and chips but she clearly wasn't. So mum took pitty and booked a table for four in Mariosarti at 8:15, and somehow I gathered the energy to have a shower, wash and dry my clothes and do my hair so we could all go.

An hour before we were meant to leave (and while everyone else was busy getting ready):
My older brother came home... a couple of awkward moments later (on my part) everything was fine and he assured me that he would rather have the house to himself anyway.

Fifteen minutes before we were meant to leave:
We got a call from the parent of the boy whose house my little brother was meant to be sleeping over at. Cameron was apparently very sick and needed picking up.

The plan to go to dinner was off. Mum went to get cameron and dad called Mariosarti to cancel, but their phones were just on a recording so he left a message. Then he sent an email. It all depended on how sick my little brother was, but maybe we could still go out to somewhere closer... like the coffee club... which made ME disapointed. The coffee club, in my opinion, is like the macdonalds of the restraunt industy.

So then five mintues before we were going to leave for Mariosarti, mum calls from the car to say that cameron wasn't really sick at all but he didn't want to get sick and his friend's brother was sick... She thought perhaps if we left as soon as she got home we could still make it, but she didn't know that dad had cancelled.

Dad thought that maybe they haddent gotten the message and were still holding us a table so we should go and see, and if they had filled it then we could just go some where else.... like the coffee club...

So cameron stayed with jordan and we went. By some wonderful mistake, they had left their phone off and forgotten to checkthe messages, so we were still booked. After all that kerfuffle the second to origional plan was back on and we had a really lovely dinner.

I had stuffed quail as my entree, then gnocchi with a goat ragu for my main, and for dessert I had a frangelico, espresso and gelato thing.

It was spectacular.

But I didn't get a bath at all and I didn't get to my bed until 12:30ish.

With that said, I think, however, it was worth it.

Steph xx

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