Saturday, 16 July 2011

Song meaning

I think it's about a man who (purposefully?) overdoses on some sort of drug (I'm thinking a pill - being cut open to get them out). Not being taken by aliens but having a near death experience where he saw white light and heard voices calling him (perhaps he heard God) and was taken to the hospital. It was a 'turning point' or a wake up call for him to change his life. No one believes him or pays much attention and he starts to doubt his sanity (the dream makers - God - gonna make you mad) but he hears the voices at night sometimes and they 'justify his claim'. Caught between the devil and the deep blue see (revelation - making their last stand near the sea ??). The song maker (him) says it aint so bad (continuing to live a presumably unchristian/ignorant life) and the spaceman (or non-Christian/ sceptical person) says everybody look down, its all in your mind - the spaceman sees nothing more than a planet: no heaven or hell.

Steph xx

ps. the nile (maybe 'river of life'/ God ??) and east to west (unlike north to south) goes on for ever. But now it doesn't because the earth is seperated by sin.

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  1. If you look down the bottom of this page, people have commented on what they thought it meant:

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