Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Work, Names and Parties

So, I'm on holidays!! How. Fantastic. I can relax and recover, but I also have time to try and find some part time work. I went out yesterday to hand around some resumes, but I didn't have much luck until I went to Banneton - a french bakery/ cafe near where I live. They specialise in wood fired breads, but they also do pasteries and coffee, and they were looking for stalf! They were interested in the barista course I did about a month ago (I don't think I told you about that) and they asked me to go back today to talk to the manager - I'm leaving soon.

So hopefully I will get a job there :) Anyway, It's my Birthday in a month and a half too, so I have been planning a picnic party thingo for it.

I'm inviting about 6 people, and we are going to have an ALL WHITE picnic afternoon tea at a nice park down the road. Then we are going to come back to my house to have dinner on the terrace.  I'll post pictures afterwards.

Anyway here are the names I like at the moment:



I have been playing the sims again lately... there are ALOT of Noëls and Mardies who look EXACTLY the same haha oh well, at least the houses are different. I dont find actually playing the sims fun, what I like is building and decorating the houses.

Steph xx

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